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In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

The Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization (AIDMO) has the honor to convene a forum on “The Role of Industrial and Free Zones in Attracting Industrial Investment and Exports’ Development”, in Tangier- Kingdom of Morocco over the period from 23 to 25 October 2017, Under the gracious auspices of the Moroccan Ministry of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy and in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region, the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade, MEDZ and the Moroccan Agency for Investment Development.

This event will be a golden opportunity to present the Arab and International researches on the vital role that industrial and free zones perform in attracting local and foreign capital and advanced technology, generating jobs and expanding exports as well.

On this occasion, the Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization and its partners cordially invite all researchers and interested parties to present working papers within the forum’s axes in order to enrich its scientific content, and welcome all the relevant officials from Arab and foreign institutions, businessmen and investors to share their experiences and expertise to derive benefit from and meet their counterparts from Arab and foreign countries.

AIDMO also invites you to pay a visit to the Tangier-Mediterranean Port, which is located at the entrance of Gibraltar and considered to be one of the largest ports in the world and an integrated platform for logistics, industrial, commercial and investment activities.

May God grant us success in all our endeavors and further progress and prosperity for the Arab and Islamic nations.

May Peace, Mercy and Blessing of God be with you.

Eng. Adel AL-SAQER
Director General of AIDMO


Industrial and free zones are viewed as the most vital means of economic and social development intended for attracting foreign and domestic investments, boosting industrial exports and encouraging technology transfer, given their crucial role in providing infrastructure, facilities, exemptions, incentives and investment advantages for investing companies to help raise their competitiveness and achieve greater returns. A significant role is also performed in generating jobs, diversifying national income sources, increasing value added, reducing reliance on imports, and developing some internal economic sectors such as transport and service sectors.
In the light of economic globalization, liberalization of trade and intense competition over export, many Arab countries have devoted further attention to the creation of more specialized industrial and free zones. To this end, they enacted the relevant laws and legislations by offering more advantages and incentives, which make of these zones a hub to attract domestic and foreign investments, increase the volume of exports, raise competitiveness, heighten the transfer of advanced technology and qualify local cadres so as to attain Arab economic and development integration where the parts of one product are manufactured in more than one country and in more than one factory for various industries. Therefore, the gathering of these industries in one region will help exploit the available services and facilities and spare cost, effort and time.


- Accentuate the vital role that industrial and free zones can play in attracting capital and technology, creating new jobs and expanding exports and foreign exchange resources.
- Put forward economic and investment strategies and legislations for investment in industrial and free zones, in such a way to make these regions perform their developmental and investment role. - Underline the reality and prospects of the industrial and free zones in Arab countries.
- Underscore the role of industrial and free zones to monitor the global markets’ trends, which is a constant source of new ideas and advanced technologies.
- Define systems and advantages of industrial and free zones.
- Upgrade the role of industrial zones in fulfilling sustainable development and promote the transition towards a green economy.
- Showcase successful Arab and international experiences of industrial and free zones.


- The reality and prospects of industrial and free zones in Arab and African countries (this axis includes the importance, pillars, challenges and the role of the industrial and free zones in encouraging investment and exports).
- Develop legislations, incentives, and advantages of investment in industrial and free zones (this axis includes investment legislations in these zones, incentives and advantages provided in this regard).
- Development and environmental roles of the industrial and free zones (this axis includes the role of these zones in achieving sustainable development along with the Arab and international successful experiences).


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   Main Sponsor
Tanger Med Special Agency

Tanger Med is a global logistics gateway located on the Strait of Gibraltar and connected to 174 ports worldwide with handling capacities of : 9 million containers, exports of 1 million new vehicles, transit of 7 million passengers and 700,000 trucks on an annual basis.

Tanger Med constitutes an industrial hub for more than 750 companies representing a yearly export turnover in excess of 5 500 MEUR in various sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, logistics, textile and trade.

Moroccan Economic Development Zones

MEDZ is a leader in the development, the promotion and the management of industrial, offshoring and touristic business parks in Morocco.

MEDZ is a 100% owned subsidiary of the CDG Groupe (Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion), a Deposit and Management Fund Group, which is the first institutional investor in the Kingdom of Morocco. Since its inception in 2002, MEDZ is acting in the territorial development of the country by offering investors an environment of excellence that maximizes their competitiveness.

It thus provides them with a world class infrastructure through strategic parks all over the country:
- Integrated and innovative industrial parks offering a wide range of added-value services: a one stop shop center, (companies creation, recruitment, training …), business centers, security and facilities management, training centers, “ideal setting”, etc.
- A network of offshoring facilities offering world class services and allowing operators to work in an outstanding environment.
- Integrated touristic areas offering diversified and adapted programs.

MEDZ, through all its achievements and projects, contributes to the economic and social development of Morocco, by creation of wealth, value and employment.


Centre Régional d'Investissement

Le Centre Régional d’Investissement de la Région de Tanger – Tétouan- Al Hoceima est formé de deux guichets, celui d’aide aux investisseurs et celui d’aide à la création d’entreprise qui travaillent en parfaite harmonie avec un troisième département dédié à la promotion et à la coopération.

Important information

  • - Participation in the forum is for free
  • - Participation in B2B meetings is for free.
  • - Participating parties will cover travel and subsistence expenses of their candidates.
  • - Organizers will welcome, bid farewell and provide transport to all participants from Mohamed V International Airport <-> to the Hotel in Tangier and during field visits.
  • - Organizers will welcome, bid farewell and provide transport to all participants from Ibn Battouta International Airport <-> to the Hotel in Tangier.
  • - Organizers will assist the participants in securing hotel rooms at preferential prices within the list of hotels attached to the forum's brochure.
  • - An official dinner in honor of the participants during the first day of the forum
  • - Provide meals and tea breaks during the days of the forum
  • - A certificate of participation is conferred to the participants in the forum.
  • - The first day of the forum includes the opening session, presentations on industrial and free zones in the Kingdom of Morocco and the available investment opportunities in addition to theoretical lectures.
  • - The second day includes the continuation of theoretical lectures, experiences of countries and institutions and the closing session.
  • -  The third day includes a field visit to the Tangier-Mediterranean Port.

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